SSL Certificate and why you need one!

ssl certificate


What is an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate?

SSL certificate, protocol was created to protect and secure web servers and browsers by Netscape.
This protocol uses a third-party certificate to identify one or both end from a transaction.

SSL certificates which are also referred to digital certificates are used to set up a secure connection between a browser and a server. The SSL connection provides support to sensitive data like credit card information and exchanges during each visit. Whether you are looking to protect one or various domains, one or many servers, digital certs provide a full line of SSL certificate products to meet demands.

Some of the concepts of SSL certificate are:

 How do you know you are not being scammed when purchasing a certificate online? A person has gone
through some problems to ensure that the right owners are who they say they are. These certificates should
include information such as email address, owners name, duration of validity, resource location, common name and certificate usage.

Wildcat Certificates:
use SANS (Subjective Alternative names) to protect a domain from and all its first-level
subdomains. An example of this is the following: a certificate for * secures and standard SSL certificate would protect only which would require you to
purchase additional certificates.

Single-Name SSL Certificates:
support encryption for one domain and have all the features you would expect from
an SSL certificate such as strong encryption and browser trust plus unlimited reissues and an unlimited server

SSL Plus (Multi-domain) certificate:
has the ability to protect up to 250 server names with just one certificate. SSL Plus is also ideal for exchange server 2010, Microsoft Live Communications server and Microsoft Exchange server 2007.

Why Do You Need an SSL Certificate?

By using SSL certificates to protect your online transactions will show the customer that they are doing business with a popular organisation or company that has been certified by a trusted third-party. The customer will also be able to see that their online transactions are safe and protected. This also provides reassurance that the risk of transaction over the internet had been removed.

How to get a free SSL certificate?

A simple and easy signup form quick start the performance getting the free SSL Certificate. All details include name, company address, phone number are required. Once the signup has been completed, an email with a code is sent.


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